Random Tweet of Kindness

Who are you? What is this? Why is it anonymous?

What is Random Tweet of Kindness?

Random Tweet of Kindness is a website which enables anyone with thirty seconds and an internet connection to make someone's day anonymously.

The idea was born from the notion that in a world full of negativity, we could all use more kind, gratifying words in our lives.

With Random Tweet of Kindness, all you have to do to make someone's day is choose a friend from Twitter, type in their username along with a few kind words, and click send!

Why is it anonymous?

Anonymity is a very powerful tool. Many choose to use it for evil, but we decided to use it for good.

When you do something anonymously, it allows the other person to craft whatever story they find most meaningful.

Sending your kind words anonymously is a way to maximize the happiness your friend will feel when he or she reads your tweet.

Who runs Random Tweet of Kindness?

That's a secret :)

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